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Sell your Web Generated Leads through Leads-to-Calls

Would you like an easy way to sell your web generated leads to buyers in niches like debt, insurance, mortgage or home services?
If so, then Palo Media Groups new leads-to-calls platform can help.

I want to pull you in on a NEW, turnkey method for monetizing your lead generation efforts.

You can now monetize your aged and real time webform data by posting it into a powerful, new 2-way SMS marketing system, called Leads-to-calls.

Who’s this for?

  • Lead generation publishers
  • Aged data brokers
  • Co-reg publishers
  • Pretty much any company collecting or brokering lead data, in a clean, TCPA compliant way, can monetize their data this way.

Palo media group is a pay per call affiliate network with a long list of thirsty buyers looking to buy your lead data in the debt, insurance, mortgage and home services verticals.

Get started for free by filling out their application here: leads-to-calls application.

Leads-to-Calls is an ALL-IN-ONE Platform that sells your leads using two-way SMS, Voice and Email

Imagine for a second you have a business that generates real time leads daily, in the mortgage niche.
Let’s say you sell this real-time lead data to direct mortgage buyer(s) daily, but then after a week or so it’s just sitting there collecting dust.
What else can you do to easily squeeze out a few more dollars?

Or maybe you simply need someone to buy your data in real time. This will help.

As a Palo publisher, you can apply for a similar mortgage offer, or use a congruent offer (credit repair, debt relief), pull a promo number from invoca, then begin re-engaging that data using the leads-to-calls platform, on autopilot.
After a simple setup (configure promo number and API token), then the system will go to work re-engaging your lead data with an intelligent and automated SMS platform.
Using both human and bot interaction, it will engage your leads via sms and phone call, in a non spammy, very conversational way.
“Hey Laura, this is Jeff from [YOUR BRAND], are you still in need of a good mortgage quote? When’s a good time to connect?”.

The system engages, repeatedly, on a schedule, until the lead engages back (thanks or no thanks). It does a fine job connecting the caller to a high converting offer, through your promo number with very little friction. Also, opting out is easy for your leads too.

Healthy Niches for Palo’s Leads-to-Call Program

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