About Palo

Founded in 2010, Palo has it’s roots in delivering quality phone calls. Started by a solo marketer, in an effort to fill a need in the performance call marketing space. There were too many networks that were untrustworthy and who were only out for themselves. Since being founded, Palo has grown to be the industry’s most trustworthy and caring places to conduct business as a publisher and advertiser. Now PALO is considered a top tier pay per call marketplace helping publishers monetize their leads better than anyone else in the market and connecting businesses with the highest quality phone call leads. Plain & Simple, We help businesses acquire customers by driving them inbound phone calls with highly interested customers on the other end.

WHY do publishers Choose PALO?

As a publisher, most of the time you’re performing all roles of a business by yourself. Accounting, media buying, reviewing analytics, learning new techniques, business development— the list goes on. PALO understands this, as we also got our start just like you and we want to make it easier.

  • On- time, fast payments.
  • Experienced account managers in all areas of media buying and scaling.
  • Market leading programs.
Become a Publisher
  • Custom built campaigns by publisher.
  • Workshops led by industry recognized experts with 1 on 1 training.
  • Ad tech to help you scale at no cost.
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WHY do Advertisers trust PALO?

You’re most likely one of the following. A new business in need of calls, an established business looking to scale call volume or you’re interested in exploring what inbound calls can do to grow your business. Regardless of how you identify, PALO is the right partner to choose. We’ve been in the call space since 2010 and know what it takes to produce the markets highest quality calls in several industries while scaling programs for growth.

  • Exclusive distribution access.
  • A team that knows the hight’s and low’s of your industry.
  • Advanced fraud detection to ensure your brand and compliance is intact.
  • Scalable programs down to the individual publisher.
  • Granular traffic control
  • On call account support. Traffic does not sleep.

OUR Team

At PALO we're not just a team, we're a family. Having a strong team coupled with deep industry experience is felt through every client interaction we have.

Ali Azarvan


Candace Kraus

Legal Marketing Director

Josh Ansell

Ad Operations Director

Chris Langevin

Affiliate Specialist

Abbie Pasquinelli

Sales Manager

Gene Morris

Affiliate Outreach

Anthony Paluzzi


Kristi Hamilton

Operations Manager

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